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Who Is Joshua Pellicer?

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To discover more about who Joshua Pellicer is, where he’s come from, and why he thinks he can tell you anything about women then you need to read more about him here.


The Tao of Badass Review

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This product really ISN’T for everyone so you should read this review right now to see if it’s right for YOU (women can get really clingy and needy — addicted to you — when you use all ‘3 secret techniques’ on them, so be prepared to deal with that — not for the weak of heart).

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Here are just a few of the testimonials that come flooding into our inbox from average guys who become badasses in a matter of days!

Austin J 

“The Tao Of Badass has been a huge help to me ever since I bought it. I always wanted to be able to not just talk to the pretty girls all my friends would talk about, but to be able to talk to anyone. I had no idea that the Tao Of Badass was not just going help my situation with women, but it was going to help my situation all together.
This book has taught me so much about life as much as attracting women, because of this book I could not be more proud of who I am, I have also learned how to do deal with difficult people in society. I have the confidence to speak to more attractive women, I also know that all this talk of, “shes way out of your league” is a bunch of crap.

Because of what Josh has taught in his book I have a very positive outlook on life and it is truly an amazing feeling to have. I enjoy life more because of his book and I have also become a better person all together. My interactions are better, my confidence is booming, and my relationships with women are a lot better. The Tao Of Badass is definitely a great investment. It has changed my life for the better, and many others lives. Let it change yours.”

Pierre A

“I recently purchased your material (2 weeks ago) and I am AMAZED! I have applied only TWO concepts and everyday now I can see results such as girls blushing, smiling and looking down or girls seeming happy and flattered that I give them attention! Even other men seem to react and give me more respect! 

This material is slowly but surely changing my perception of myself, I used to think I was not attractive at all for having a frail body, I used to think I needed to be rich and ripped to get hot girls to appreciate me, but now I am realizing it is not the case at all! 

A female friend of mine even told me ”wow you seem happy today” and this was right after a girl blushed and got confused with the menu that she had to inform me about at her job, hell they were only serving 2 different meals that day and your techniques had enough impact on her to make her all confused about it! I wanted to thank you for this, best investment I ever made! I shall write back to you when I have even greater results, I will keep you posted with this.[…] I sincerely recommend it to any guy who want to get better with women. Thanks again.”

Read more testimonials by clicking here.

 So Who Is Joshua Pellicer?

Josh Pellicer has become a highly controversial individual by releasing his Tao Of Badass guide to help average guys pick up any woman they want. This website is dedicated to helping you understand more about Joshua, and his controversial Tao of Badass product. If you are considering buying this guide then you should certainly read these pages before you do so. Although the Tao of Badass is an incredible product, it certainly isn’t for everyone, so make sure you understand the risks before you buy. Follow the link for the Tao Of Badass Review.


“I’ve personally used the Tao Of Badass. In fact I used this method to get together with my wife, who is much younger and way hotter than I am! When I first started using the Tao Of Badass I used it to simply get a string of hot girls into bed, and boy was it fun! After a while though, I decided it was time to settle down so I set my sites on my dream girl and Josh Pellicer’s method helped me get her AND KEEP HER! We now enjoy an incredibly happy marriage and I’ve never been happier.”

The Tao Of Badass

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The great thing is, by following what Joshua has to say, YOU can do exactly the same. His method is very powerful, and strangely it works BETTER for average looking guys than it does for good looking guys.

So it really doesn’t matter whether you’re tall, short, handsome, ugly, confident or shy, the Tao Of Badass will teach you incredible and powerful attraction techniques so that gorgeous women will not be able to resist you.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Joshua Pellicer and The Tao Of Badass then follow these links now and start to explore in more detail!

Become A Badass RIGHT NOW!

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Joshua Pellicer Free Download

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You get a complete satisfaction guarantee when you order the Tao Of Badass so if you don’t like it for ANY reason you can get a full refund. Josh has told me that his refund is LESS THAN 4% though, that’s how amazing this product is! Trust me, your life will never be the same again once you become a Badass! Click the link above now to get started.

Joshua Pellicer

10 thoughts on “Josh Pellicer Tao of Badass Home

  1. Admin Post author

    Please feel free to leave your comments here. What do you think about the information provided on this website? Is there anything you’d like to know? Are you a student of Josh Pellicer already?

    I’ll do my very best to answer any and all comments and questions!


  2. Zac

    Hey my name is Zac, I am pretty shy around women and most women when they look at me they think I am unattractive. How do I approach women the right way and what do I need to do.

  3. Prasad

    I am a university academic and a skeptic of Josh Pellicer’s techniques. You can’t have some formula to get women. Prove to me that this isn’t some scam. My email is included when the comment was sent. You could be just using psychology to get people to spend money on you. Hey, you will get skeptics and you need to win them with a product that truly works. What’s important in life is the confidence in any guy. There are girls that like you and those that do not. It’s as simple as that. You need to show otherwise.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Prasad. Thanks for leaving your thoughts about this method. If you want proof that it works then just read my blog more carefully – I am living proof that it works! I was shy and lacking in confidence until I used the tao of badass. But, don’t just take my word for it. The product has sold to over 100,000 men world wide. You can also take a look at just a small number of testimonials they’ve received.
      Lastly, you get a 60 day total satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not COMPLETELY happy with the product you can just get your money back. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain :)
      I hope that answers you question. Cheers, Jonny

  4. Stetson

    This book is a must for all men! Not just for the fact of being a badass with women. But in all aspects of life. A lot of the stuff I’ve read in this book I’ve encountered before hand just never knew it until I read it. But now I know, you can bet your ass I’m going to notice them now and take my opportunities. For instance girls qualifying themselves to me. Ha! And the negative rapport! Yup been there done that. It’s almost like I knew what was going on just didn’t know how to act on it or thought I was doing it right already. But this book will just make shit click for you, pretty much a slap in the face. I feel anyways.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Stetson, I totally agree! I hope your enjoying life as much as I did when this first came into my life!

  5. Unknown

    Okay, do you think that Joshua Pellicer can actually show himself on a fate with the women he used his techniques on in a video?Thanks.

    1. Admin Post author

      Check out youtube I think there might be videos on there of him in action. Also, don’t forget you get a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not convinced just try it out and see for yourself. My guess is that within days you will be feeling a great deal more confident with women and would never dream of getting a refund, but the opportunity to get your money back is there just in case.


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